Today as I sit here at my computer after spending god know how many hours, researching my family tree and finding in access of 139 people who may very well be related to me.

I look at Twitter, apparently, the 2nd of April was World Autism Awareness Day. I wish someone made me AWARE of that……Seriously!!!!! We still don’t understand what autism really is, how it affects people differently and how it is caused. And yet people like me who are “ON THE SPECTRUM”….(not quite sure what the spectrum looks like) are used as political pawns, hysterical pawns, punch bag, target practice, and everything else in between.

Even the people who are supposed to be advocates for use are arguing over what label to give use……….HERE’S A FUCKING LABEL……HUMAN. I am human, I just have very different abilities than other humans.

For 40 odd years, I have been saying to everyone and anyone who I thought would listen, that I felt different, I felt I don’t belong, and year after year I would be told to get lost.

5 years ago I was sent down the rabbit hole without a guide, and guess what I found the answer, but everyone else didn’t like those fucking answers so I’m still in the same position as I was before knowing, it’s like being to after 40 years that 10+10=4, not 20.

How’s about we start to have an autism action month every fucking month, how about some of you neurotypical people out there start questioning those in power manager, MP’s directors, bullies, everyone and anyone who put someone like me down on a regular basis, because until that happens nothing is going to change nothing is going to get better, and I will still be in the same place I am today, hidden away and rejected by society like the defected rag doll I am.


Picture by MeettheM0nsteR

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