Support Support Support Support Support Support Support
OMG….. I swear if one more person says to me they want to support me, or they want to make sure I have the right support, or that I get the right support.

I may just have to gouge out their eyes with a blunt spoon (please note that due to the fact some Neurotypicals believe Neurodivergent people like me don’t have a sense of humour I don’t really mean I will gouge out their eyes)

What I’m trying to say is if you say you’re going to support me then you had better dam well show me, I don’t do great with words, in fact, I don’t find the word support very supportive, for me, it is very annoying.

For me particularly in this context it means you can’t work here because you don’t work like us, therefore we must show you that we support you by constantly telling you that we will support you and to just make sure you understand that we are in fact supporting you we will make sure the correct amount of emphasis is placed on the word support.

But in order for us to support you we must ask you what support do you need, so what support do you need?

ME:                                                                               (I do tend to use this gif a lot it’s perfect for how I feel most days)


It’s no good asking me for support if you aren’t willing to back that up.

“Ok, so I need support talking to my colleagues,”

“Sure yep we can make that happen”

“Cool When”

Once we know we have the right kind of support in place we will devise a plan on how that support should look, we will then see what support you need in order for us to implement that support plan, but in the meantime, we just want to make sure you are aware we are fully committed to supporting you. And we want you to be aware that we are in fact supporting you, and that that support is in fact in place so you should need to worry, we are here to support you.




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